Cadaver Dogs

CARRIE (1976) / THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE: Monstrous Feminine

July 7, 2022

Female power? Women having… a voice?? They must be the spawn of the devil! It’s an important time to talk about a woman’s autonomy and her right to choose. But unfortunately, it’s always been a controversial topic. 

The Cadaver Dogs analyze two horror films from two different decades and discuss how they portray the monstrous female. We also play our favorite game: Is This Film Feminist? First up is the original CARRIE (directed by Brian de Palma) which came out during the women’s lib movement of the 1970s. How does this film reflect the current cultural climate? Did Carrie choose to become a monster or was she f’d anyway? Then, we look at THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE (directed by Scott Derrickson) which came out 30 years later. How did the courtroom treat a misunderstood woman? And, hello! Is the movie religious propaganda?? (Based on the real possession case of Anneliese Michel) 

06:33 - Carrie

37:07: - The Exorcism of Emily Rose

39:09 - 45:22 - WARNING: Discussions of S.A.

1:02:04 - Comparisons

1:14:54 - Bone Reviews


Up Next: THEY LIVE (1988) /  SOP DEK (2002)


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Cover art by Omri Kadim. Theme by Adaam James Levin Areddy. Music featured in this episode by Drippy Man and Lara Sluyter.

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